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sixteen stories - for managers of projects, programmes and enterprises

68pp Illustrated


Once upon a time. Yes, once upon a time, there was a busy ‘manager*’ who sometimes could be tired and tense. What they desired more than anything in the world was lots of suitably comforting and relaxing stories – with illustrations if possible – to be read to them by a loved one at bedtime or to be studied while travelling on buses, trains and sometimes on planes.

When asked, at every approaching Christmas, birthday and anniversary, the manager would politely repeat their request.

Good friends and family were looking everywhere but, despite various purchases as presents, could not find anything really suitable and affordable.

In the end they decided there was nothing else for it but to assemble and write a collection themselves – as a special gift – and occasionally feature the manager’s special interests of the abacus and submarines.

However, unfortunately they have not managed to complete and agree on the collection yet. Pity. There you go.

Of course there is always this volume on similar lines as a substitute in the meantime.

Sweet dreams and/or safe journeys.


*In this context ‘manager’ can include those involved in the management of projects, programmes, portfolios, enterprises, change, benefits realisation and many other related initiatives – also possibly managers of popular music combos, sports and football teams, and in the emergency and armed services – not forgetting managers in HR, PR and ICT.