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recession recovery (and beyond) for businesses of all sizes

76pp Illustrated


(Click here to download your recession recovery score card.)

This volume looks at a variety of tips and techniques which might be adopted by businesses of all sizes as they emerge or plan to emerge from the lowest part of a depression towards what is generally called a recovery. By considering these issues each organisation can prepare a kit to suit their own purposes and reflect their circumstances, define their mature interests and establish their capabilities and breadth of aspirations.

This is probably the best way to do it to do-it-yourself, rather than expect others to do it for you or to adopt some universal formula or advice.

In this volume readers can also join Alex, Sally, Charlie, Stan, Guy, Ollie and John, with their colleagues and advisors as they do some thinking about a possible upturn and beyond. They consider over twenty stimulating tips which can be put to good use or rejected or held over to form their very own bespoke Recession Recovery Kit. You can do the same if you wish, or just read it and cherry-pick some inspirations.

We will also look beyond the short and medium term recovery horizon to beyond and what that might contain, which will not be conventional or predictable.

There is a collection of sensible ideas, reminders and good sense with listings and illustrations. There is a record sheet to assemble a kit from scratch or confirm that each current approach is on the right lines or the focus remains on survival rather than recovery.

This book is also complimented by a series of dashdot talks and presentations on business survival and recovery.